Mattias Adolfsson

Sanatorium Magazine 1 (incl. world wide shipping)

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Sanatorium Magazine # 1 2017

Sanatorium is proud to present the very first issue of Sanatorium Magazine!

Jens Andersson is a graphic designer and co-founder of Sanatorium Publishing House. In his piece "Whatever happened to Douglas Dent« he explores the mystery of the missing Scottish illustrator Douglas Dent, active in Sweden as a book cover artist during the 70’s.

A mixture of storytelling, comics, illustrations and art by fantastic artists:

Mattias Adolfsson
Marcus Gunnar Pettersson,
Lars Sjunnesson
Erik Svetoft
Rui Tenreiro
Emelie Östergren

Oversized magazine (A3) of loose spreads held together by a removable elastic band.